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Dear Mayor of Kosice, MUDr. Richard Raši,

we are one of those who have a few days ago attended a meeting regarding the ongoing revitalization of Košice’s city parks. We love greenery and picnics, and therefore we are not oblivious to the fate of a single tree, whether in or outside the city. We were filled with admiration and respect when we learned that the Society to promote beautification of Košice and its friends contributed to the saving of trees in the City Park and through their intervention cutting of over 100 trees was stopped. Not all trees in the city are going to be saved. Regular and ongoing felling of trees is happening, sometimes very old and socially valuable trees are cut down.

Defenders of the trees are looking for ways and help of the competent, whether they are architects, members of local government, or politicians who could help and stand up for the vanishing vegetation in our city. We do not know anyone who would be so influential. But it seems strange to us that it is still necessary nowadays to tilt at windmills, connect, and organize for things that should already be a natural priority in decision-making. This whole situation is a reflection of our present civilization. Our earth, however, has long warned that the looting has to stop soon and environmental concerns must become more important than individual profits. Now we have learned that our city prefers concrete to vegetation, felling trees before their protection. What should we do to make that change?

Not knowing where to turn, we come with the request directly to you. The project is said to have given the city a lot of money. Please let them be used for environmental solutions. Of course every citizen of Košice will be pleased when paths in parks are repaired, conveniently located bicycle paths are implemented, new benches are added, street lights are repaired, security service in place, meaning less crime and trash. These are all very positive changes. But we ask that green spaces and all the trees remain preserved. Let’s use part of the finances for healing trees so that a park remains a park. Resting place, where one might feel the healing power of nature.

Hedges can be planted around roads such as Moyzesova street as natural sound-barriers. It seems more beneficial to us, than putting concrete and building more fountains that could easily become ruins. Try asking urban planners again, if we could do something else with the money, something lively, beautiful and self-renewable. We are also very interested in the idea of planting edible shrubs and trees in parks. There is always the possibility of rectifying something even if it is a good thing.

Dr. Rovinsky told us that the competent refuse to discuss with him. Nevertheless, we urge you to try to come to the meeting announced at, to talk to us and consider in good faith the observations made by people. By doing this you can truly show that you defend the interests of ordinary people. Come among us, because we want to participate in beautifying of our city. It is possible that we are all wrong because we do not have enough information. Come to us and clarify everything. We hope that the discussion will be calm, with a willingness to accept each other's opinions.

This is an attempt of citizens to save the nature, and to prevent something that could happen under the guise of modernization, something that can take the soul from the parks and the whole city. To support this effort, we are collecting more signatures in the form of a petition.

Let’s support the effort to create something that will serve the next generation.

Let the God help us all.

Best regards and all good wishes


In Kosice 23.augusta 2012

Ing. Igor Jacák                                                    MUDr. Marcela Strhárska

Judita Jacáková.                                                 Ing. Stanislav Smrek

Viera Lemešaniová                                             Ing. Alina Nováková

Contact address: Ing. Igor Jacák, Starozagorská 6, 040 23 Košice, 0918 587 647